Photographer Christina Jansen Interviewed.

Radio London, 10th June 2016 UK.

You can hear Christina speaking eloquently about her time with Muhammad Ali
in the 1980's and in particular her day to day experience over a two week

Christina has also appeared on 'BBC London Tonight'. Please note: Adobe Flash / Apple Quicktime media.

Ali: How I would like to be 

I would like to be remembered as 
a man who won the heavyweight
 title three times, who was 
humourous, and who treated 
right. As a man who never looked down
 on those who looked up at him,
 and who helped as many people
 he could. As a man who
up for his beliefs no matter what.

As a man who tried to unite all 
mankind through his faith and love. And if all that's too much, then 
I guess I'd settle for being

remembered only as a great 
boxer who became a leader 
and a champion of his
 people. And I wouldn't even mind if 
folks forgot
how pretty I was.