Lola Nicol Ali painting

Lola Nicol Exhibition Print

This print is currently on show at Forman's Smokehouse Gallery. To order a print either framed
or unframed please contact the gallery direct. All prints are signed limited editions by the artist.

Please note: The 'in the Rings with Ali' exhibition is currently closed. The prints are still available
and you can purchase them direct via curator Christina Jansen (see the menu above: contact).

Untitled, 27 x 25 in, Gicleé on canvas print, 2012, 1/50, £180 (Framed)

About Lola Nicol

Lola Nicol is a 24 year old, West Lothian born artist.

Her artistic nature was formed at secondary school studying higher and advanced higher art.
After several years of neglect in Glasgow, she picked up her paint brushes again in 2011, initially
as a hobby following a move to a seaside retreat in the highlands.

Her work is fuelled by a difficult period in her life leading to her recent relocation. Emotions
are laid bare and highlighted directly in her work through an amalgamation of acrylic paint,
recycled wood and troubled subjects. A dark, vulnerable sentiment interweaves throughout
her paintings creating a poignant connection with her audience.

Fans of the up and coming artists works already include Kassidy and Lana Del Rey.