Leifer  Ali prints

Neil Leifer Exhibition Prints

These prints are currently on show at Forman's Smokehouse Gallery. To order a print either framed
or unframed please contact the gallery direct. All prints are signed limited editions by the photographer.

Please note: The 'in the Rings with Ali' exhibition is currently closed. The prints are still available
and you can purchase them direct via curator Christina Jansen (see the menu above: contact).


1. Cassius Clay vs. Doug Jones, 16 x 20 in, 1963, 11/150, £3,215 (Unframed), £3,325 (Framed)

2. Cassius Clay, 16 x 20 in, 1972, 12/150, £805 (Unframed), £925 (Framed)

3. Cassius Clay preparing for his bout against Foreman. Zaire, 16 x 20 in, 1974, 12/150, £965 (Unframed), £1,075 (Framed)

4. Don King with Ali & Joe Frazier, 16 x 20 in, 18/150, £805 (Unframed), £925 (Framed)

5. Photo of Cassius Clay (Aka Muhammad Ali) Examining his body in the Mirror as he prepares for
an upcoming bout, 16 x 20 in, 1972, 47/150, £3,250 (Unframed), £3,350 (Framed)

6. Muhammad Ali knocked out Cleveland Williams, Houston, TX, 59cm x 54cm, 1966, 48/350, £4,000.00 (Framed)

About Neil Leifer

Leifer has traveled all over the world on sports assignments. He has photographed 15 Olympic Games
(7 winter and 8 summer), 4 World Soccer Cups, 15 Kentucky Derbies, countless World Series games,
the first 10 Superbowls and every important heavyweight title fight since Floyd Patterson beat
Ingemar Johansson to regain the title in 1960. He has photographed his favorite subject,
Muhammad Ali, on almost 60 different occasions fights and more than 20 photo sessions.