Rabanne Ali

Roberto Rabanne Exhibition Print

This print is currently on show at Forman's Smokehouse Gallery. To order a print either framed
or unframed please contact the gallery direct. All prints are signed limited editions by the artist.

Please note: The 'in the Rings with Ali' exhibition is currently closed. The prints are still available
and you can purchase them direct via curator Christina Jansen (see the menu above: contact).

1. Muhammad Ali, 152cm x 122cm in Mixed media archival print archival board embellished with
diamond dust, 2012, £20,000.00

2. The Heavyweight Box measures 25 x 25 x 3 inches, and contains a set of 12 photo prints
of Ali’s career highlights. (2012) edition of 500, signed and numbered at £2,500

About Roberto Rabanne

“I have a simple philosophy about photography, it’s that the image has to be powerful” explains Rabanne. “And I find this happens when you capture the subject engaging in the non-defensive, unguarded essence that is truly ‘them.’ The picture always has to tell a story, but in doing so, you can break all the rules.”

Outspokenness, veracity, defiance and a willingness to seek out and walk the edge in life and in art – these are the themes that have shaped Rabanne’s creative sensibilities during his remarkable career which has reached the pinnacles of the music and fashion worlds.