Terry O'neill Ali

Terry O'Neill Exhibition Print

This print is currently on show at Forman's Smokehouse Gallery. To order the print either framed
or unframed please contact the gallery direct. All prints are signed limited editions by the photographer.

Please note: The 'in the Rings with Ali' exhibition is currently closed. The prints are still available
and you can purchase them direct via curator Christina Jansen (see the menu above: contact).


Muhammad Ali training for fight with Alvin Lewis, Dublin, 56cm x 36cm, 1972, £1,700 (Framed)

About Terry O'neill

From his website:

'In those days your subjects let you up close and personal, there were no pushy publicists trying to control what you saw or photographed. And there were no digital cameras and computers to change the image and make it a dishonest representation of the truth.

These days everything you see is digitally enhanced and controlled by management and marketing people. What I hear most of all – from young students in St Petersbug to New York is their appreciation; they understand that what they see today is advertising or pop-propaganda'.